Lists for added and deleted tokens from GemTracker

Hi Community,

I am an author of Telegram bot which sends notifications about added and deleted tokens from Uniswap. You can try it here:

What do you think, would it be good idea to provide a special list for added and deleted tokens?

Added list would be helpfull to track and easily add new tokens for trade, but of course it could be risky (these tokens could be scams etc.)
Deleted list would be helpfull to find out what do not trade anymore

Please let me know! Dear Uniswap team please give some feedback if you would add such list to your service?



Special List can be found here: #WarOnRugs: Preventing Uniswap Scams with Trusted Token Lists

We could partner and add “Pending Review” tokens.

DeFi Jman’s Gems: