Add BCMC1 to "Uniswap Default List"

Hello Uniswap,

We would appreciate it if our token could be added to the token list.
BeforeCoinMarketCap is the only trusted cryptocurrency tracking provider, offering crypto-enthusiasts to find up-to-date information of specific cryptos they are tracking. Additionally, users can also track their portfolio by simply entering their wallet address and start receiving regular updates on any activity relating to their token straight to their email or Telegram. Our platform reward users with valuable information of its own eco-system token. BCMC1


“name”: “BeforeCoinMarketCap”,
“symbol”: “BCMC1”,
“id”: “0xD5e2A54Fef5f9E4A6b21EC646Bbed7A160a00F18”,
“type”: “ERC20”,
“decimals”: 18,
“logo URI”: “

Best regards,
BeforeCoinMarketCap team.