Add CACHE Gold (CGT) to Uniswap Default List (and any other relevant lists)

CACHE Gold tokens can be redeemed from most countries in the world. Redeemed gold can also be shipped to more than 20 countries world-wide but is currently limited to North America due to COVID-19 disruptions that will hopefully be resolved soon. CACHE Gold has 8 decimals, not 18.

“chainId”: 1,
“address”: “0xf5238462e7235c7b62811567e63dd17d12c2eaa0”,
“name”: “CACHE Gold”.
“symbol”: “CGT”,
“decimals”: 8,
“logoURI”:“ 2”

Uniswap pairs:

Github issue to add to Uniswap default list: 1

Our Maker Collateral Onboarding Application has a lot of additional information about CACHE Gold.

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