How to add a token to the Coingecko list>?

Dear Community,

Would love to know how I can add the #FLUID token to the Coingecko tokenlist?
Thank you.

Some more info about FluidFi:
We from FluidFi would like to be added to the main token lists.
FLUID is Tokenized equity in Fluid Finance SA
The bank alternative based in Switzerland. At FluidFi we work with our community to take the best of traditional banking and combine it with DeFi technology. Together, we’re on a mission to create a new banking model.

We are deployed to the Aribitrum Blockchain
We’ll be glad if we could be on your list as well.
“chainId”: 42161,
“address”: “0x876Ec6bE52486Eeec06bc06434f3E629D695c6bA”,
“name”: “FluidFi”,
“symbol”: “FLUID”,
“decimals”: 18,

Kind Regards,
FluidFi Team