LIST Governor DAO $GDAO On Another List Besides CoinGecko

Hey, Jon from Governor DAO! Governor DAO - $GDAO is a community-led project and LEGALLY recognized DAO out of WY. (we were actually the first on July 1st at the door). We have a project that has sustained longer than a year now, have successfully unrugged the previous project that we came from, have Governance as a Service, we are the first to solve Sybil resistance using our Proof of Existance token model that allows anonymous Sybil resistance. We currently have a huge initiative that is growing us quickly but we are only on ONE list for this past year - CoinGecko even though DexT has us at 99 on all of our pools! Please add us!

Website: www.governordao(.)org / blog.governordao(.)org
We are currently on ETH primarily FOR NOW!

“address”: “0x515d7e9d75e2b76db60f8a051cd890eba23286bc”,
“decimals”: 18,
“logoURI”: “” ,
“name”: “Governor DAO”,
“symbol”: “GDAO”

Uniswap V2 pair:[0x4d184bf6f805ee839517164d301f0c4e5d25c374]
Uniswap V3 Pair: [0xe0b3f1cfeb6c34cc6042108b219131eec6c47086]
Also on Sushiswap and Gate