Putting these token lists on IPFS and then publishing the IPFS hash to a smart contract

Has anyone suggested that the lists maintained on TokenLists could also easily be periodically consolidated into a single file and published and pinned to IPFS followed by publishing that IPFS hash to a smart contract in a way similar to this project http://unchainedindex.io. (That’s my project, by the way.) In this way, my 100% fully decentralized application would not have to go to a website API to get the lists – it could read the IPFS hash from the smart contract and download the lists from IPFS without ever using a website. I’ve come to hate building anything that relies on a website as it can (a) watch me, (b) take the data away from me, and (c) change the data without telling me. None of these things is possible with an IPFS hash published to a smart contract.