#WarOnRugs: Preventing Uniswap Scams with Trusted Token Lists

We all want to find the elusive “ Uniswap Gem ”. That one Altcoin that will moon right after you buy it and then provide you with the financial freedom you’ve been searching for your entire crypto existence.

Well, that all sounds good until reality hits, and you realize the road to quick riches is paved with dead-ends, dishonesty and the dreaded rug pulls.

The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) industry is desperate for a single source of truth for emerging projects. Although there is significant innovation in this space, there is also ample opportunity for bad “actors” to quickly prop a project up and then disappear into the sunset. This has shaken investor confidence in new DeFi projects. Put simply, people are fed up with investing into a new token or project that may or may not be around tomorrow.

#WarOnRugs Token List — View Here

The #WarOnRugs team aims to fill this void of trust by focusing on “softer metics” that cannot be faked:

  • Liquidity Locked — Is the liquidity initially provided locked for 1 month or more? It must be locked up to ensure no rug pull can occur.
  • Contract Code Review — Since the code is on the blockchain, the Mint(); and other vital functions are reviewed to ensure no backdoor or malicious intent. In addition, the contract may be audited by a respected professional group.
  • Roadmap — Does this token have a real future? And I’m not talking about wild claims like “Listing on NASDAQ in Q4–2020” but examining the concrete claims of the development team on how probable and possible they are to achieve in the deadlines illustrated.

What’s Different About #WarOnRugs and Other Token Lists?

Tokens Identified by the Team Will be marked “Scam Alert”.
Put simply, we list not only the good tokens, but also the bad. For tokens that have issues in their Smart Contract, liquidity or other possible “Red Flags” they will be added to the #WarOnRugs token list. This provides investors with another layer of protection in the wild, wild west world of DeFi.

How Do I Add #WarOnRugs Token List to Uniswap?

Step 1 — Type “waronrugs.eth” into the textbox and click “Add”

Step 2 — Scroll Down and Select “War on Rugs” Token List

Additional Resources:

The list doesn’t work but you should add 0xbitcoin as it’s impossible to rugpull by design. It’s a pure mined PoW currency. It’s also been audited and you can find those audits on 0xbitcoin.org

Jon from Governor DAO here! $GDAO is a community-led project and LEGALLY recognized DAO out of WY (we were actually the first on July 1st at the door). We have a project that has sustained longer than a year now, have successfully unrugged the previous project that we came from, have Governance as a Service, we are the first to solve Sybil resistance using our Proof of Existance token model that allows anonymous Sybil resistance. Please add us!

Website: www.governordao(.)org / blog.governordao(.)org
We are currently on ETH primarily FOR NOW!

“address”: “0x515d7e9d75e2b76db60f8a051cd890eba23286bc”,
“decimals”: 18,
“logoURI”: “https://governordao.org/static/media/governor-plain.4f1f798d.png” ,
“name”: “Governor DAO”,
“symbol”: “GDAO”

Uniswap V2 pair:[0x4d184bf6f805ee839517164d301f0c4e5d25c374]
Uniswap V3 Pair: [0xe0b3f1cfeb6c34cc6042108b219131eec6c47086]
Also on Sushiswap and Gate