Add DSD to “Uniswap Default” list

Hello Uniswap,

Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD) is an ERC-20 self-stabilizing decentralized censorship-resistant non-collateral backed USD stablecoin with the goal of trading close to 1.00.
We have an active pair dsd/usdc with 4.6 million in total liquidity & would like to be added to the uniswap default list so we can be seen in the top pairs section of

Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD) token details:

“address”: “ 0xbd2f0cd039e0bfcf88901c98c0bfac5ab27566e3”,
“chainId”: 1,
“decimals”: 18,
“name”: “Dynamic Set Dollar”,
“symbol”: “DSD”

Our website is:

Thank you!