Token addresses on L2s/sidechains

With the upcoming wave of Layer 2 protocol comings, there will be an urgent need to extend Token Lists to support multiple networks.

In particular, tokens that are deployed on one chain, say Ethereum, can be bridged to sidechains or L2 such as xDai, Matic, or Optimism, and their corresponding contracts there have different addresses than the one on L1.

For now, most protocols hard-code supported token lists and their addresses on different chains.
We should find a way to extend our existing token lists to store that in a shared way.

Addresses curations could be done in different flavors:

  • Make token holders on main chain vote with their share of tokens to write to the registry (off-chain voting ~snapshot + on-chain commit)
  • Use a disputable curated registry such as the one of Kleros

I am starting a thread here to eventually come to a specification. These thoughts came from brainstorming ideas for the ongoing EthGlobal’s Scaling Ethereum hackathon.


At Kleros, we are looking into adding multiple network addresses for tokens in version 2 of the Kleros Tokens curated registry. I will definitely be monitoring your work on a specification.

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I tried to ask in Kleros discord about this but got no answer. It seems like your TCR is the best place to create such token repository.
Have you started to work on this yet ?