Tutorial: How to submit a token to the Kleros Token List

Hi everyone,

The Kleros T2CR(Token² Curated Registry) is a comprehensive list of tokens maintained and curated by the Ethereum community.

It is the most straightforward way to enter your token into a Uniswap-enabled list because it is an open and transparent list as anyone is free to submit a token for entry into the list with a simple Ethereum transaction. The registry is then curated by the Kleros dispute resolution system enabling anyone to challenge the token entry into the list if deemed non-compliant to the policy.


Go to Kleros · Tokens² Curated List

To submit a token, simply click the ‘Submit Token’ button in the top right and fill in the required fields shown above. The image MUST be a PNG with transparent background. Otherwise, you will likely be challenged and lose your ETH deposit fee.

Click the blue ‘Submit Token’ button in the top right corner and fill in the required information including Token name, Token Contract address and Ticker.

Add a slick PNG image with transparent background for the logo. Ensure the picture is well-centered, cleanly cropped, not blurry and takes most of the space available in the picture.

The PNG format of this image is an essential factor. Please don’t upload JPEG / SVG or any other format. You will likely lose your deposit.

Each submission requires an ETH deposit fee in order to submit to the list.

This is a necessary step in regards to the cryptoeconomics within the Kleros platform.

This submission status is now ‘Pending’ meaning other users can check the information including contract address, logo, ticker and name. There is a 2 day challenge period in which it is possible to challenge the submission. If no challenge comes forward at this point, the token will be verified on the list. How a token submission looks in flowchart form

‌Find the full tutorial here.