Add Boscial to CoinGecko list

Hi, I would like to add Bsocial to the CoinGecko list. It is already on the CoinGecko website and has an amazing community. You can check them out on Telegram at and their website is

It’s not banking, it’s BankSocial. A social consensus platform with a vision to put people first by giving them the power to share value generated in lending systems with other members.

BankSocial™ is a first-of-its-kind Decentralized Financed (“DeFi”) peer-to-peer lending platform built on Ethereum. Initially, members will be encouraged to hold $BSOCIAL crypto by redistribution of all token sales. Our vision is to build a proprietary BLOCKSCORE™ social credit scoring system and social consensus lending pool, built with the security of smart contracts, to provide asset-backed lending to the world. BankSocial is by the people, for the people.