The 1PLANET ESG Token List for Uniswap

People. Planet. Profits.

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance and is a type of investing strategy that looks at the impact of companies on the “triple bottom-line”. We want to highlight quality blockchain projects that provide positive impacts for the environment and society with our 1PLANET ESG token list.

Please send us your token and project to be considered for the list. There are 2 main criteria that we consider:

  1. The ESG positive impacts

  2. That the blockchain project has at least some type of working MVP (minimum viable product), demonstrator, or pilot project, and is not just a token sale. See as an example.

This list is meant for use on Uniswap and will profile the ESG project tokens at the top of the list. The other commonly used Uniswap tokens are included in order to give the list utility for the Uniswap user.

To be added to the list please PM us.